Ultimate Spiritual Bali Awakening Into Your Divine Feminine
With Tamika Hilder.


  • Beautiful Woman, allow me to guide you over 7 days through an intensely sacred inner
    journey into your Goddess self.


  • She is the one who is full of love, power, electric passion, and has the highest and most POTENT MANIFESTATION ABILITIES.


  • She has the power to create MIRACLES and has the SELF WORTH to attract all that she needs to have the life she wants.


  • She has the power to INFLUENCE an entire room simply from who she is being and is living her SOUL MISSION.


  • And she has healed the relationship between her masculine and feminine and is able to experience the DEEP LOVE she desires in relationship.


  • EMBODYING THE DIVINE FEMININE will take you to a whole new level in every area your life from RELATIONSHIPS, SENSUALITY,
    WHOLENESS AS A WOMAN, your divine mission and abundance.






Get ready for a seriously deep and transformational retreat


During the last 6000 years the feminine consciousness in both men and women has been suppressed. We have lived in a patriarchal society. The feminine has experienced abuse, suppression and has not been met with the love, honour and respect that she is worthy of. The negative effect on women includes:

  • arrow-icon-forward1 Unworthiness, giving more than you receive
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Masculine, tired or burnt out way of living (at the extreme adrenal fatigue, health issues, tiredness)
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Sexual trauma which severely effects a woman’s empowerment and shuts down her joy, creativity, manifestation power and intimacy
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Guilt and shame around her sensuality
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Feeling numb, closed down sexually which effects a woman’s ability to feel connected to life and others and also her ability to feel pleasure and joy
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Suppression of her voice (manifesting as thyroid issues in severe cases)
  • arrow-icon-forward1 PMS, Fertility, Sexual health issues
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Relationship issues (feeling unworthy of love, not enough, jealous, insecure, needy, seeking love externally, fear and more)
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Disconnection to self, personal power, clarity of purpose and soul mission

There is a powerful awakening occurring on Earth where the feminine now has the opportunity to rise; to fully heal, and clear these patterns of abuse and suppression. She is rising and she is rising through love. As she rises, she merges with the masculine to come back into harmony and balance and the result is great love that can now be experienced in our relationships and on Earth. The purpose of this work is to come into sacred union with our own inner masculine and feminine aspects for complete harmony, balance and love and then we are able to manifest this in our external relationships, and then within humanity and the Earth.

This retreat is set in a lush, healing, quiet, peaceful, and nurturing environment to support you in stopping and connecting with yourself at deep levels. Through our daily sacred feminine empowerment practices explained below, you are able to heal and clear old limiting patterns and program, heal deep emotional wounds, and active your feminine empowerment so you can create the life and love you desire.

This retreat is not for everybody. This is a transformational retreat for women who are ready to dive deep and shift patterns in their life, are courageous and ready to be vulnerable, ready to open to love, ready to come into alignment on a soul level and to step into the life their soul is destined for. This environment is deeply nurturing, safe and supportive for you to heal and purge some of the deepest wounds and to come back to love and empowerment so you can create the love and life you desire and are destined for. This retreat is Level 2 on the Path of The Goddess so if you have not participated in Level 1, you will need to be interviewed first to ensure you are ready for this deeper level.

About Tamika Hilder

tamikahilder_final_-2For those that don’t know me I was an intuitive healer for ten years, and founded the Holistic Wellness Coaching Institute. I have created practitioner training and personal development programs including Life and Self Mastery and pretty much created a unique niche in this area of wellness. I have travelled the country speaking and inspiring humanity, am a paid writer, and have love using business as a vehicle to make a positive difference. I had reached a level of success that most people never do in their entire life by only 32 years of age including a half a million dollar business. Yet I felt that so much more was possible within me.

Despite my worldly success on a national level, I was feeling a sense of disempowerment. I would present in the world with a “strong front” which was nothing more than a shield of protection keeping my super soft feminine self safe due to the layers of sexual trauma I had carried in my body. I was afraid of being seen and I was constantly giving my personal power away in order to receive love and acceptance. My energy was low due to the masculine default of force and hard work and I still had not healed my body despite trying many things.

The sexual abuse had left me numb and disconnected to my feelings, and to life. I had trouble letting anyone in and real intimacy evaded me in my love relationships and even friendships. I guarded my heart well yet was left feeling empty inside as craved love and affection. This craving however only pushed partners away and i was left with the only last thing to do…learn how to go within and love myself.

I was trained in many modalities and had seen so many practitioners. But all the while, was unconsciously hoping they would heal me. Despite the time, energy and money I had invested i never gave up hope because i knew it was possible for me to heal and find the health and fulfilment i was seeking. There came a time around 2012 when i knew I had to go within to achieve that and also try other methods.

In 2012 I met Jero in Bali, one of Bali’s most powerful healers. I was drawn to him instantly and knew I had a connection. I visited him each time I would go to Bali and on the last visit, he helped me using Kundalini Reiki to clear my sacral chakra from the trauma it carried. He was a massive gift to me and the only man i know who is enlightened in the flesh. I am a Master of this energy in his lineage and use this energy in my work.

For the last five years since 2012, i have delved into feminine practices, tantra, breathwork, sound and expression work, somatic body based therapies and it was through these body-based modalities that brought me back into my body and allowed me to feel and thus process the trauma and expressed emotion that was stuck in my body and within my lower two chakras.

It was a gentle process of embodiment and of reconnecting back to my personal power, learning boundaries, expressing my feelings and my truth and being grounded in ME. The inner journey guided me within to my soul and to the infinite love I AM. My search ended, when I connected with my true self. Love.

The same processes, methods, meditations and techniques that I used will be shared with you at this retreat so you too can awaken your divine feminine energies and move into wholeness.

I founded this body of work called The Path of The Goddess and this retreat is a result of this powerful work.

My desire is to share this work with as many women as possible who are ready to heal once and for all their past and experience genuine fulfilment, peace and self-love in their present and future.

As a result, my message is clearer than ever.

My business is expanding internationally.

My abundance is tenfold.

My body is healing on a deep cellular level; something which has evaded me for 14 years.

And I have a much greater mastery in the art of romantic relationships and divine union, an  area which has been my greatest wounding and thus greatest learning.

If you’re journey has been anything like mine, the Goddess work will be the final piece of the puzzle for you to become your potential.

My life has up-leveled and I now manifesting international opportunities on a much grander playing field all due to clearing away the junk in my sacral chakra and thus being able to finally connect to my natural self that was hidden under the trauma. The expansion and potential that I craved to be has arrived.

I am not one to ever settle. I am driven to become my potential on every level.

This work is the result of seeking the understanding of how I can become my potential as a woman. I have learned just how crucial it is to embody the divine feminine and just how much this work truly does transform your relationship to everything in life.

Being the teacher and healer that I am, I am now excited to share with you the evolution of my work!

Awakening your divine feminine will awaken the magic in your heart 

— Tamika Hilder —


The journey of awakening your divine feminine.

The journey of awakening your divine feminine will result in: 

  • check-mark1 Self-worth, self-love
  • check-mark1 Over-flowing joy
  • check-mark1 Increased passion, vitality and energy
  • check-mark1 Unconditional love for yourself and the world
  • check-mark1 An inner strength and power that you’ve always yearned of feeling
  • check-mark1 Embodiment and grounding; being present
  • check-mark1 Alignment between mind, heart and body
  • check-mark1 Wholeness & authenticity
  • check-mark1 Sexual experiences that will open your heart and allow you to feel profound spiritual experiences


Those inner experiences will create outer experiences including: 

  • check-mark1 Effortless manifestation
  • check-mark1 The fulfillment of your dreams
  • check-mark1 A sense of ease and grace in what you’re attracting
  • check-mark1 More synchronicity and flow
  • check-mark1 Increased $$$
  • check-mark1 Bigger, larger and more international opportunities in your career
  • check-mark1 New like-minded friends who are on your level
  • check-mark1 Transformation of your current relationship or attracting in a relationship that meets you
  • check-mark1 Clarity in your message, soul mission and purpose


What Is The Divine Feminine Energy?

Pure love | Creative Power | Intuition | Flow | Feeling | It is the energy which creates all of life

As we journey deeply, you’ll heal many aspects of the immature feminine, and learn how to continue to support her in your own life to move into the wholeness of the mature feminine. And you will experience the divine feminine and learn practices to deepen your embodiment of this powerful energy so you may create the love and life you desire.

The immature feminine is a consciousness that results from our needs not being met when we were younger. There are unloved aspects of us, unmet needs and unfelt wounds and pain:

  • arrow-icon-forward1 Emotional and reactive
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Insecure, needy, sources love externally
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Jealous and competitive
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Disconnected to her intuition and wisdom, looks for answers outside of herself
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Shut down
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Fearful of expressing her truth
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Controlling and manipulating


The mature feminine results as we learn to feel and heal our pain, meet our own needs and support ourself in empowered ways: 

  • arrow-icon-forward1 Balanced in her emotions yet expresses her truth and boundaries clearly and lovingly
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Secure within herself without needing validation from anyone else. Sense of self-worth
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Is supportive of her sisters
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Connected to intuition, inner guidance system and to the love she is from within
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Knows what to say, when and how
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Confident to speak her truth without caring what others might think
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Trusting and full of personal power that she creates from a space of trust

The divine feminine results from a fully awakened womb space (sacral area): 

  • arrow-icon-forward1 Comfortable in her sensuality and sexual choices
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Full creative power activated
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Is able to attract soul partner and sacred union
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Shakti can be used for healing and manifestation
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Honours herself and all life as sacred and part of one alive system


Profound spiritual awakening to who you truly are

The Power of this 7 day retreat will be a unique and nurturing space to dive deep into yourself, heal and activate dormant aspects of your feminine self. You will dive into your sensuality and vulnerability, reclaim your divine innocence and unleash the voice of your deepest, primal self. Express from the depths of your womb, open up the full expression of your orgasmic ecstasy and come to know yourself as divine love here to create in powerful ways.

Through singing, sounding, yin yoga, embodied womb awakening practices, and dancing you will be able to open up your voice, your body and feel connected in Sisterhood, and reconnect with your deepest expression of truth and authenticity. 


Traditional Balinese Chakra Opening Initiation by Grandmaster Healer

Day two you experience the traditional full day Balinese initiation. This will prepare you for the rest of the retreat. You will visit many sacred sites, temples and locations to access high frequency energy, receive blessings from high priests, and have Jero and his masters open your chakras.

You may experience anything from crying to laughing, releasing old programming, trauma, limiting beliefs and energy, to high frequency energy spiralling through your body as your vibration increases, your heart opens and your chakras clear.

The experience will be unique for each person and is a life-changing profound experience that has contributed to my spiritual awakening immensely.

This initiation opens the gateway for Shakti to flow through your body. Shakti is universal energy; or light, which is healing for all your mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies. This energy is also known for it’s ability to awakening you spiritually and to increase enlightenment (in-light-is-meant).

You will get to spend 1 on 1 time with Jero who is an enlightened master to receive extra healing and to ask any questions that you would like. 


Days 1, 3-7: Sacred Feminine Empowerment

Key elements of the workshop:

1. SOUL PURPOSE: Connecting to the very reason you are here and manifesting that for a life of fulfilment

2. SENSUALITY: Clearing, healing and activating the womb. Opening the pathways for Shakti flow. Clearing guilt, shame and learning to honour your sacred sexuality and make empowered choices.

3. SOUL VOICE: Finding your voice again, and the power to express your truth, wisdom and your soul message. Opening this pathway for free, authentic expression. Deep and primal emotional expression and healing.

4. EMBODIMENT AND SELF-LOVE: Feeling at home within your body and comfortable in your own skin. Healing the relationship to your body and re-creating the relationship with your body as a vehicle for your soul expression. Helping you to feel free, unhindered in your physical expression and body movement with free-flowing energy in your body. Learning to love your body as the temple it is and to see the physical as a sacred expression of your soul.

5: SACRED UNION: Understanding polarity in relationship. Communication in relationship. Conscious relationship. Healing past relationship wounds.

Workshop practices include:

  • Yin Yoga
  • Tantra
  • Emotional clearing
  • Transformative breathing techniques
  • Dance practices
  • Meditative sound practices, and
  • Unique embodiment meditations
  • Womb clearing, visualisation and energy practices

Expect to:

  • arrow-icon-forward1 Move out of your mind (thinking) and into your body (feeling)
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Move out of action (doing) and into being (receptivity)
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Clear the armour, trauma, pain and hurt that has caused our womb, heart and throat to shut down through powerful healing energetic and emotional healing processes
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Experience the art of surrender and letting go
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Trust in yourself and the masculine
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Heal your relationship to the masculine and the feminine
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Move into complete sacred expression of your sensuality and sexuality
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Move into honoring and cherishing your body and sexual self
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Heal the inner child and learn to give to yourself all that you need including learning how to communicate from a place of vulnerability and ask for support
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Experience ecstatic and blissful states from the breathwork
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Learn how to channel this Shakti into creating projects and manifesting the love and life you desire

The Goddess work will have the following results in your life:

  • arrow-icon-forward1 Being so comfortable in your own power that you no longer care what others think
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Having the personal power and self-worth to stop settling in life and instead letting go of relationships and situations that no longer serve you
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Being in complete connection with who you are that your life purpose is clear
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Being in complete connection with who you are that the message burning in your heart and soul is able to be clearly communicated in your work
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Knowing who you are and what you deserve thus being able to make decisions that create the life you desire
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Having the self-worth attractor field necessary to attract the larger playing field opportunities, relationship and abundance that you desire
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Having trust in yourself so that you move through life in peace manifesting miracles as you go
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Being in connection with the love that is your divine feminine and impacting those around you in profound ways just from you being you
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Standing in the truth of who you are, that you become a leader to those around you
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Experience the full ability to influence those around you from the increase in your personal power.
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Knowing what to say, when and how so that all interactions are harmonious, positive and flowing as well as positive, uplifting and inspiring
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Knowing how to stay receptive to attract all the support and opportunity you desire
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Being so in tune with your higher divine self that your life is divinely guided. Having clarity in your decisions.
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Being able to use your vibration to benefit humanity
  • arrow-icon-forward1 Natural healing of your body, especially your female sexual organs
  • arrow-icon-forward1 And so much more!


We will be working each day from the morning until late in the evening, stopping only for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and massage/rest/relaxation/silence/reflection times.


This retreat is held on the feminine island of Bali


There are so many sacred sites on Bali dedicated to Purification, that the entire island can be seen as the World Purification Centre. Sites of particular note are: The four Sacred mountains on Bali – Gunung Agung, Gunung Batur, Gunung Batakau, and Gunung Ingas. Tanah Lot is also an important place of purification. This temple is connected to the Immortal Danghyang Nirartha. We visit most of these places. Balinese rituals are devoted to cleansing the world of negativity. Purification dissolves illusion. Thus Bali is the perfect place to cleanse and purify your entire system for heightened and awakened spiritual awareness.



As this retreat is about purification, your diet during these 7 days will be mostly organic vegetarian diet consisting of juices, smoothies, salads, vegetables, some light curries, fruit and coconut water. We will be cleansing our bodies as well as our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.



The retreat can take a maximum of 18 women. Spaces are limited as we want to give you the chance to experience a small, intimate retreat where you will receive maximum attention, healing and transformation.

The photos below show you the villa and it includes a beautiful large pool, a Yoga Shala, beautiful green gardens, many relaxation and chill out areas and the bedrooms. Each room is twin share. We have privacy, luxury and a beautiful, lush environment surrounded by Nature and greenery.
Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia



Bali Masters

My Relationship To “The Bali Masters!”

Jero is a 5th generation healer and master of Shakti energy. Jero can see into the energy of the body and someone’s past and future. He was born into one of the most powerful families in all of Bali and has inherited the healing ability of his ancestors. I met Jero and his team of Master healers back in 2012 during a life-changing retreat. I had an instant connection with Jero and knew we had a soul contract for something greater.

As I got to know him, I came to discover that our life purpose was exactly the same; to help others to heal and thus by doing so raise the collective consciousness for world peace.

He had a vision to have a ashram in Bali and to help many people from that space. I wanted to help him. I felt in my soul that it was part of my contract to assist him with this vision.

These Bali retreats are exactly that. They are a way that I can assist them in creating the funds they need to have this centre. This retreat for me is thus motivated by this intention as well as my intention to share the Goddess work.

From a healing perspective, Jero has spent countless hours being in “service” to me asking for nothing back and simply wanted to help me to clear the trauma that was being held in my sacral chakra. Through his unconditional love, he taught me what it means to be in “service”.

I began to focus on giving in my business and that is when true Abundance manifested. Flow, ease and money flowed into my life.

Jero has been my main teacher in this lifetime of “love,” what it really is, how to be it and how to give it. His effect on opening my heart has been profound and I want to give back to him in the same way he has given to me.

The miracles he can perform all stem from the fact that he embodies love and gratitude. Just being in his energy will create a shift in you. All his masters in fact have that effect on you. They are beautiful human beings that embody pure gratitude and love. They teach you so much just from being in their space.

Art of Receiving


The feminine is the receiver. Like a magnet, she draws what she desires to her effortlessly, and seemingly, like magic.

No longer do you have to be the strong, independent woman doing it all on your own, or the woman who feels unworthy of what she desires.  Once you open up to receptivity in your body, you begin to attract everything you need.

Life becomes effortless, and from that place of alignment, you know your worth and allow yourself to receive what you desire, without the force, hard-word or push.

Healing Humanity

The feminine is pure love. She is connected to all life and naturally wants to nurture all life. Women are being called to now embody their feminine essence and open their wombs and hearts to be the love the world needs. As more women rise and claim their power and voices, they will lead from love and this will create a new world.

Businesses are changing. Values are changing. We are seeing more and more unity, harmony, co-operation, kindness and compassion come into the world, because when one awakens the feminine, they begin to feel. They feel the connection to all of life and naturally want to make choices that nourish, nurture and support all of life.

The feminine will create a new world. The world needs YOU.

It’s time for you to awaken to your greatest potential. To stop playing small. To release the old stories, because they are exactly that, stories; and to honour the desires within your heart and soul that are wanting to be birthed through you.

Don’t be afraid anymore, it’s time for you to RISE dear Sister.



2017 – 2018 DATES
13 – 19 Nov 2017  |  Earlybird March 31st
5-11 March 2018
2-8 July 2018
5-11 Nov 2018


Cost: $4990 AUS dollars
Early Bird: $3990
Cost includes = Food, 5 star accommodation, activities, airport pick up and drop off.
Flights not included.



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